Style Tips & Tricks


Style first and dry later. It's easier to apply products and manipulate your curly hair when damp or wet. After styling your strands, do not touch again until it's 100% dry to avoid frizz. Use your fingers to rake products through from roots to ends, then scrunch and squeeze upward toward the scalp. 

For more perfectly formed curls, comb through your hair while the conditioner is in it, then rinse out.

Remember, a wide tooth comb is a lifelong friend when it comes to your curly journey. When detangling, begin combing at the bottom of damp hair and work your way up to avoid breakage. Sectioning your hair makes wash day so much easier and it ensures that the product is equally distributed throughout your hair. 


Put an end to your heatwave. Did you know using too much heat can cause damage to your hair and alter the texture of your curl pattern? Try to avoid using hot tools and let your hair air dry while you enjoy some well needed me-time. 

Toss the towel. Towels have large fibers that can latch onto your curls and soak up their moisture. This can create friction, frizz and possibly breakage. Avoid using a traditional terry cloth towel, instead use a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel. 

Hiding from trims? Just because your split ends are hidden under mounds of waves and coils doesn't mean they aren't there. Split ends can stunt your hair growth and increase the amount of time you spend detangling. It's important to schedule regular trims to keep your hair healthy. 


Deep condition and moisturize. The natural oils your scalp produces, sebum, can take longer to reach the ends of your curls, depending on how tightly they spiral. In order to keep your ends and the rest of your hair moisturized, do regular deep conditioning at least once a month. 

Working out and sweating can really dry out your hair. To help combat, before you work out, spritz your hair with a diluted formula of 1/2 conditioner and 1/2 water. When your hair heats up and you start to sweat, it will act like a steam for your hair, helping to hydrate it.