What Is Sacha Inchi

Our Ancient Peruvian Beauty Secret

What Is Sacha Inchi?
Sacha Inchi is a 3,000 year-old superfood from Peru. After harvesting, the star-shaped green pods are sun-dried until they turn a dark brown and split open, revealing the Sacha Inchi seeds. Once the seeds are extracted and roasted, the oil can be used in a number of ways including to heal and strengthen skin, hair and nails.  It is an exceptional ingredient for hair products, facial serums, creams and lotions.

What Makes It A Superfood for Hair and Skin?
Sacha Inchi Oil is rich in protein, omegas 3, 6, and 9 and vitamins E and A which are all vital to healthy hair and skin. The oil is light, making it absorb quickly and keeps all textures of hair soft, shiny, hydrated, well-nourished, and resilient.

Our Certifications
Sustainable and renewable
USDA Organic Food Grade
Rainforest Alliance
Ecocert Organic
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