Why Sacha Inchi

USDA Certified Organic Sacha Inchi Oil Our Peruvian Beauty Secret

To create the most effective hair and skin products possible, we knew we had to use the healthiest ingredients, which is why Sashapure’s key ingredient, USDA Certified Organic Sasha Inchi oil, is the foundation of all our formulas. Our cold-pressed virgin Sacha Inchi oil—a 3,000-year-old Peruvian Amazon superfood— contains the nutrients vital for hydrated, natural hair, and well-nourished, resilient skin. The oil is light in nature, making it absorb easily and quickly into the hair and nails. This makes it exceptional in hair products, facial serums, creams and lotions.

Sashapure, the first company to infuse its products with USDA-certified organic, sustainably harvested Sacha Inchi oil, is the key to soft, healthy, shiny hair. Our products are proven to detangle and nourish, while offering anti-aging properties, anti-breakage ability and locking in moisture.

Our Sacha Inchi Oil is:
Cold Pressed, with no solvent used
Cultivated and produced without the use of chemicals
Non GMO and Gluten-free

Talk about supercharged superingredients!

Sacha Inchi has 48% more healing power than argan oil, 17 times more omegas 3 & 6 than wild salmon, and the highest amount of unsaturated fatty acids on the market.

 How does Sacha Inchi stack up to Argan Oil?
Unlike Argan Oil, Sacha Inchi contains Omega 3, which works with Omega 6 to support barrier function, hydration and skin smoothness. Sacha Inchi contains nearly 30 times as much natural Vitamin E as Argan Oil and a higher refractive index, which means it imparts more shine and gloss to hair.

Did you know, the Sacha Inchi seed starts its life inside a small 6 lobed green pod? The harvested pods are sun-dried until they turn a dark brown and split open, revealing the Sacha Inchi seeds. Once the seeds have been extracted they can be roasted and the oil can be used in a number of ways for strengthening skin, hair and nails.

We’ve received the following certifications:
Sustainable and renewable
USDA Organic Food Grade
Rainforest Alliance
Ecocert Organic
Fair Trade Actions

USDA Certificate