Benefits of The Big Chop

We recently posted a #SASHAPUREsurvey on Instagram asking you which was preferred... The Big Chop or Transition?


The odds were overwhelmingly in favor of The Big Chop!

Big... CHOP? How can two words be so scary?

You mean you're telling me to chop ALL of my hair off??? Wait, wait, wait... All of it? But...

Yes! ALL of it! It's totally worth it. No need to worry, SASHAPURE has you covered on all things Big Chop! First off, let's clarify what it is...

The big chop marks the beginning of a healthy hair journey.
Those of us with over-processed and/or damaged hair may not want to go through the work of transitioning our hair into a healthy state, so we make the BIG CHOP.

Ridding your hair of the damaged strands allows you to work with a clean slate. Your hair is fresh, and most likely only one texture (or similar textures). This is beneficial because working with one texture allows you to learn which products work more effectively with your hair type. Fresh hair also means no damage, therefore you can focus on hydrating and moisturizing your healthy strands, instead of trying to reverse the damage.

"But I'm afraid I won't like it."
There are few things more liberating than to be able to hold your beauty within you, around and on you. Hair can play an essential part in building our confidence, which plays an even larger part of who we are. When we're healthy, we feel better about ourselves. The Big Chop could be the boost you need to feel confident about your healthy hair!

Did you recently go through The Big Chop? Tell us about it!

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