SASHAPURE stands out as the pioneer in infusing its product lines with USDA-certified organic Sacha Inchi oil, sustainably sourced from the Peruvian Amazon. Our dedication to crafting the healthiest and most contemporary hair care products led us to prioritize clean, vegan, and organic ingredients. This commitment is epitomized by SASHAPURE's reliance on USDA Certified Organic Sacha Inchi oil as the cornerstone of all our formulations.

The Sacha Inchi oil we utilize is cultivated sustainably, cold-pressed, and devoid of chemicals, derived from a 3,000-year-old Peruvian Amazon superfood. This exceptional oil stands out for having the highest plant-based omega content discovered on Earth. It's truly a powerhouse superfood! Sacha Inchi outshines Argan oil with a 48% increase in its healing attributes, contains 17 times more omegas 3 & 6 compared to wild salmon, and boasts the highest volume of unsaturated fatty acids available.